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Our Travel Guide helps you find an overview of usa facts to know the country in one glance. Summarized below are some of the facts about USA, which will often help you know some interesting facts of usa in nut shell.
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The United States of America is in North America and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It lies between Canada to the north and Mexico in Central America. The State of Alaska, to the west of Canada, and Hawaii, in the Central Pacific Ocean, became States in 1959


The population of the USA was estimated at 295,734,134 in 2005. The majority of the population is white; around twelve and a half percent is black and the Native American makes up less than one per cent of the population.


English is the official language and Spanish is spoken by a number of the population.


Over eighty percent of the population is Christian: fifty-six percent Protestant and twenty-eight percent Roman Catholic. There are minorities of other religions, for example, Jewish, Amish and Mormon. The United States has produced a number of evangelists, such as Billy Graham.


Native American food includes various breads, soups and wild green salads. Colonists brought their own culinary traditions and America became a melting pot for migrants from many countries, for example, Italy , Greece and China . Today, food in the USA reflects this cultural diversity. The Spanish influence is particularly evident in parts of the country colonized by Spain.

The American food industry has become internationally known for its fast-food chains such as McDonald's. American ice cream is available in many varieties and ice cream retail chains have opened outside the United States. American-style cookies, muffins and bagels are also making an impact in the international snack-food market.

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